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The Right to Reproductive Health: An analysis of applicable International Human Rights Law obligations

Advik Rijul Jha, Jindal Global Law School, OP Jindal Global University. ___________________________________________________________________________ Reproduction is a basic necessity for the sustenance and continuance of life on earth. Reproductive health, therefore, has a significant role to play owing to the devastating consequences and impacts of ignoring this aspect of health for the entire human civilization. Human Rights deals with this subject through two diverse models. The two lenses used to study this subject are namely right to health and reproductive rights. At times, it may also not be incorrect to combine these two lenses to reach the reproductive health rights. Right to Health Model
Right to health is an essential necessity for sustenance of life. The objective of this model is to provide health care facilities to all the individuals which includes in its ambit the necessity to uphold the underlying determinants of health. “These underlying determinants of health include th…