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International Criminal Court: A Toothless Tiger?

Ritwik Sharma, Amity Law School, Delhi. _________________________________________________________________________________
It was hoped that a paradigm shift would take place when the Rome Statute was signed in 1998 which led to the establishment of the International Criminal Court in 2002. The Statute came into force after 60 member parties ratified it. However, the Court, over the years, had faced a lot of daunting challenges which has managed to reduce its efficacy to adjudicate war crimes and dastardly crimes against humanity. The Court was set up with an aim to bring individuals of States who have committed such crimes before the court and punish them as per international guidelines provided under the Rome Statute. However, this practice has been futile. Over the years, countries in the middle-east and northern Africa have escaped the scrutiny and jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court since they have not ratified the Statute and are hence, not liable for prosecution under…